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DeMillus has a Privacy and Safety Policy which protects their customers' and employee´s informations. DeMillus only sends messages for e-mail addresses which were registered by the customers through a cadastral card record or through the web site.

- DeMillus doesn't send e-mail messages containing executable files enclosed.

- DeMillus doesn't ask for any kind of confidential information to be sent by e-mail. In case of messages inviting the representative to reactivate his/her register, we ask for the e-mail address because it is important for the pursuit of the process. In case of email confirmation we request the customer's first name.

- DeMillus also sends messages confirming the purchase orders, communications and invitations.

- In case of doubts please get in touch with

- All of the customer's information we get are used internally by DeMillus to develop the commercial relationship.

- DeMillus doesn't supply their customers' data to other companies that don't belong to the Group.

- Your personal information will only be able to be accessed through a personal password, that it will be the one chosen by yourself at the moment of your register. We recommend that you do not inform your personal password to nobody."


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